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  • Pride D100 Cradle of Fate - Zocchihedron - Choose Your Flag

    Show your pride!

    Occasionally in our games we find ourselves rolling this majestic die. My partner and I always felt like we needed something to make stop it rolling away and give it the prestigious placement it deserves. Whether you are rolling on a wild magic table or trying to get divine intervention, this die is petty important. Make it feel as special as it is with the d100 cradle!

    We designed it for the weighted GameScience d100 Zocchihedron. It’s our favorite because it's filled with sand and will roll to a stop far easier than your standard d100.

    Keep your d100 close and display it with pride in our cradle!

    Choose your flag:

    • Rainbow
    • Lesbian
    • Non Binary
    • Asexual
    • Pansexual
    • Bisexual
    • Transgender

    Or ya know, get the rainbow one just because rainbows are pretty. 

    Oh and hey, if you don't see your flag here, let us know. Send us an email with the flag you want and we will create it for you at the same cost and add it to the list of flags we offer permanently. 

    Thornhill Gaming is a queer owned and operated small business. We personally support various charities that serve the queer community. All of us at Thornhill Gaming work hard to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment in our online shop, on our social medias, and at any con we attend.

    Dice not included.