Our Team

Welcome To Oakland, California

We are lifelong gamers, makers, and dice goblins, and in 2017 we decided to turn our hobby into a fulltime business. We play Dungeons & Dragons every week, enjoy learning new systems (Call of Cthulhu, and Blades in the Dark are top of the list), and love sharing what we do with likeminded individuals.

We love partnering with other local artists and businesses for events and collaborations, and are always open to new ideas. We focus on bringing people together in our space where everybody is always welcome. We celebrate creativity and diversity in all their forms. We believe life is an adventure and that adventure ought to be fun.

Founder & Creator

Crafty dice goblin, friendly DM, professional woodworker, and strong supporter of independent artists.


Sara Shea Hurley

Co-Founder & Lead Designer

My passion is for creating things people can get their hands on that make their lives more exciting, more interesting, more fun, or just plain better.


Gabriel Hurley