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  • All our products are hand built and designed in Oakland, California. We're passionate about gaming and we take pride in our work. Whether you need a stylish way to store your dice, or a better way to track your combat, we've got you covered.

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  • Our bath and body products are made from natural ingredients. We believe self-care should be luxurious, relaxing, and fun.

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  • We believe people should be free to express who they are in every part of their lives! Be yourself, be awesome, and don't let anything get in your way.

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  • Are you of the witchy persuasion or just very superstitious? Either way we have some fun stuff for you.

  • Pendulum Set

    I love working with pendulums. As a woodworker, I originally created these pendulums as a way of using up beautiful bits of leftover wood that I couldn't bear to throw out.

    Each pendulum is entirely handmade. Each one is unique.

    Some people that use pendulums use boards, some don't. Personally, I find them to be both beautiful objects and useful tools to get clearer readings from your questions. I created this board to complement my pendulums, so here is it for you.

    The board and the pendulum will come with the same wood. If you would like a different wood for each, send us an email after you place your order.