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  • D100 - Sparkly Translucent

    Admit it, it's more fun than percentile dice.

    If you're looking for something a little more epic than two d10s, we've got you covered. This translucent, slightly sparkly 100-sided die has a 45mm diameter and will add some flair to  your rolls.

    Fits our D100 Cradle of Fate - Standard design.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    dunno why I thought it’d be small. I like it a lot, surly the person I bought it for will love it.

    Rollin’ on in to new random things!

    Bought this for my first wild magic bard sorcerer, so I needed a fancy new die for my oddly complicated but flavorful build! And this was just what I was looking for, out of all the D100s I looked at I couldn’t take my eyes off this one.

    I found it as a display piece for the cradle of fate on Etsy but messages the incredibly friendly seller on there and I was delighted to be told this due was sold here!

    Shipping was fassssttttt, and this thing is SOLID. I could break a window with this Fxxxker! And depending on my rolls, I just might!

    Excellent product and I hope to get more from this seller soon!