D&D Sugar Scrubs

Choose your class, scrub off those monster guts and reveal soft & smooth skin.

These sugar scrubs come in the same class scents you love. This jar contains ~8oz and comes with a small wood spatula to help get the scrub out of the jar without getting it under your nails.

Classes, scents:

  • Wizard - orange and clove 
  • Warlock - ocean breeze 
  • Sorcerer - honeysuckle 
  • Rogue - cinnamon and baking spices 
  • Ranger - rain 
  • Paladin - primrose 
  • Monk - sandalwood 
  • Fighter - rosemary 
  • Dungeon Master - coffee 
  • Druid - eucalyptus 
  • Cleric - grapefruit and sweet citrus 
  • Blood Hunter - cherry blossom
  • Bard - lavender 
  • Barbarian - leather and wood 
  • Artificer - white tea

Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut oil, Fragrance Oil.

Keep water out of the jar as much as possible. Scoop with dry hands and close with dry hands. Shelf life is up to 6 months. If scent or color changes in the container, discontinue use and discard.

PLEASE NOTE: Scent oils may be either essential oils or fragrance oils. A very small number of people report mild skin irritation comparable to a sunburn to particular scent oils. If you are concerned about allergic reactions, please contact us for specific ingredient information or to get a scent free option before using this product.