D&D Mystery Dice Bath Bombs

Choose your class and get a mystery set of dice in a giant bath bomb!
Your choice of 7 piece polyhedral set, 10 d10, or 6 d6.

These massive bath bombs are about 4 inches across and each one contains a matching mystery set of dice. Each bomb comes with a dusting of color that matches the possible dice colors inside. Will not color your water or stain your tub. 

Classes, scents, and colors:

  • Wizard - orange and clove - red, yellow, orange
  • Warlock - ocean breeze - green, yellow
  • Sorcerer - honeysuckle - green, purple, red
  • Rogue - cinnamon and baking spices - silver, black, red
  • Ranger - rain - green, white, brown, blue
  • Paladin - primrose - blue, silver
  • Monk - sandalwood - blue, gold, copper
  • Fighter - rosemary - black, purple, red, blue
  • Dungeon Master - coffee - any color
  • Druid - eucalyptus - green, purple, blue
  • Cleric - grapefruit and sweet citrus - silver, gold, white, clear
  • Blood Hunter - cherry blossom - red, gold
  • Bard - lavender - purple, pink
  • Barbarian - leather and wood - red, black, brown
  • Artificer - white tea - yellow, brown, silver

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coconut oil, fragrance oil, small amount of mica dust color on top.

PLEASE NOTE: Fragrance oils have been known to cause skin irritation in a small number of individuals. After dissolving the bath bomb in a full tub of water you may wish to test the water on a small portion of your skin. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs.