Token of Tymora - Luck Charm Necklace

A copper to the lady returns tenfold in gold.

Gain the favor of the goddess of luck! These delightful charm jars are filled with a blend of flowers, herbs, seeds, and tokens that are said to draw luck to those that hold them close. 

Want to draw good luck to your bag of dice that they might roll well in your adventures? Pick up our dice bag charm jar and slip it into your bag with your shiny math rocks.

Would you rather draw the favor of the lady to your person rather than you dice hoard? We have a necklace for you to don when you feel like a boost of good fortune. 

Our dice bag charm comes with a felt sleeve to help protect it from damage in your dice bag. The jars are glass, so we don't advise letting it rattle around with metal dice.

The charm necklace comes on a silver colored chain measuring 20 inches long.