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  • Initiative Tracker

    Who's turn is it, anyway?

    Now featuring 100% more magnets! Our updated two-piece design is harder to break and easier to take with you to your next in-person game!

    Need a method to keep track of all your players and the monsters they're trying to kill? Here's an initiative tracker that can handle even the biggest party and all their enemies.

    Comes with acrylic tabs that are removable and interchangeable. Write names on the acrylic tabs, place them in order on the tracker. Need to add an enemy? Write it on a new tab and plug it in to the order no problem! Your choice of clear or white acrylic.

    Sits 8 3/4" tall, base is 6" wide, tabs are 2" long by 1/2" tall. Comes with 12 tabs to slide into the 24 slots in the tracker. Additional tabs are available for sale in our shop.

    Please Note: Photos shown for the color variants show the original design and are only for color reference. We will update the rest of the photos soon.