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  • Consecrated Dice Jar

    The witch meets the gamer.

    These beautiful little jars have been cleansed and charged under the full moon. Only one batch is made each month. When they sell out, they are gone until after the next full moon. 

    Use this jar to store dice, to cleanse dice that are rolling poorly, or charge dice before a game.

    Our consecrated dice jars contain:

    1 set of acrylic dice
    3 different crystals (crystals vary in each jar)
    1 mini protection & good fortune spell pouch

    Select your preferred color and we will select a jar with dice of that color to send to you. Feeling adventurous or can’t decide? Select “surprise me” and we will intuitively choose one for you. 

    Possible crystals inside:

    • selenite
    • clear quartz
    • rose quartz
    • tigers eye
    • garnet
    • lapis lazuli
    • amazonite
    • labradorite
    • red jasper
    • bloodstone
    • black tourmaline 
    • kyanite 
    • pyrite
    • carnelian

    A short description of the meaning of each stone will be included with your order.
    Have strong feelings about crystals? Send us an email with your order number and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    I got this as a gift for a friend for Christmas and she loves it.


    Arrived safe and sound, can’t wait to gift it to my dm! I’m sure they’ll love it!


    It’s great- unfortunately the bottle itself shattered in shipping- but that’s not on the shop, as the bottle was pretty well packaged.