Wood Pendulums

Toss out that magic 8 ball. 

These one of a kind pendulums are individually hand crafted from a variety of different woods. I've always been interested in various forms of divination. One of the earliest tools I ever used was a pendulum a friend gave to me. Pendulums are great for yes or no questions or quick check in on various topics. Each of these are made from small blocks of wood left over from other projects in our shop. Scrap that would otherwise be thrown out is now a beautiful tool for all my witches out there.

No two will ever be exactly alike, so grab the one you are called to right away. 
Each point is made of wood, and every chain has a genuine crystal at the end. If you have Questions about the meaning of the crystals, or the wood, don't hesitate to email us!

1. Cherry wood point, labradorite bead.

2. Zebrawood point, labradorite bead.

3. Zebrawood point, amethyst bead.

4. Padauk wood point, moonstone bead.

5. Wenge wood point, labradorite bead.

6. Cherry wood point, raw quartz bead.

7. Padauk wood point, amethyst bead.