Spell sachet

Want to bring a little more magic into your life?

These spell sachets are the last ones that will be made. Keep these away from pets as some contents are toxic. Do not ingest the contents of any of these.

Choose from 4 different kinds:

Personal Protection:
Made with the intention of warding off danger from the person that carried it. Meant to be carried on your person in your pocket, bag, or purse.

Made with the intention of bringing luck to the owner. Keep anywhere you feel you need a little boost of good fortune.

Self Love:
Made for those that need a little confidence and love for themself. Keep it on your person or in the place where you need help remembering you are awesome.

Travel protection:
Made to ward off theft and loss. Keep in your car or luggage.

Calming lavender:
Home grown lavender meant to bring a little peace. Keep it anywhere! Clothes drawer, bedside table, bag or your pocket, wherever you need that calming vibe most!