"Orb of Madness" Mystery Dice Bomb

Not a player of the dragons and dungeons and all that? Do you prefer your games a little...darker? Select your orb if you dare. Each one contains your choice of full polyhedral set, 10 D10, or 6D6 for those that use other systems requiring different dice!

Orb of Madness
Scent: Bergamot
Dice: Blue, green, silver, gold, black

These massive bath bombs are over 3 inches and each one contains a matching set of dice. Each bomb comes with a dusting of color complimenting the possible dice colors inside. Will not color your water or stain your tub.

Type, scent, colors:

  • Chaos - white musk - yellow, red, orange, black
  • Corruption - honey and shea - green, yellow, gold, black
  • Madness - bergamot - blue, green, orange, black
  • Nightmares - wisteria - purple, silver, blue, black
  • Destruction - vanilla tobacco - red, purple, black

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coconut oil, fragrance oil, small amount of mica dust color on top.

PLEASE NOTE: Scent oils may be either essential oils or fragrance oils. A very small number of people report mild skin irritation comparable to a sunburn to particular scent oils. If you are concerned about allergic reactions, please contact us for specific ingredient information or to get a scent free option before bathing in this product.