Horror Quote Cross Stitches

These are one of a kind relics from an earlier business. Most are one of a kind and none will be made again! If you have questions, let me know I'm happy to answer. 

Size and details:

Best Friend - Hoop
5" hoop no backing, off white fabric with red stitching

They're Here 
6 1/4" hoop, off white fabric with black stitching, no backing

Best Friend - Ribbon
just over 6" square frame, off white fabric red stitching, no backing, wood frame. Ribbon glued on.

Your Mother... - Framed
7.5x5.5" black fabric, green stitching, black frame

Would you? - Black Frame
8.5x6.5" black fabric dark red stitching, black frame

Suffering - Red letters
8.5x6.5" black fabric red stitching, black frame

8.5x6.5" red fabric black stitching, black frame

Suffering - White letters
6x8" frame Black fabric white stitching, black frame

Would you? - Gold frame
8x10" off white fabric blue stitching, gold and white frame.

Your mother - pillow
light pink fabric, blue stitching, white ruffled edge. Cover is not removable.