Halloween Bundles - limited stock!

Get them while you can, when they are gone, they are gone for good!

EMAIL US AFTER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER TO SELECT FINAL ITEM AND SPELL SACHET! Please include your order number, spell sachet selection, and if ordering a bucket include your final item choice. We will contact you before shipping if you do not email us right away.

1 Mega Witch Basket - $41
Basket contains:

  • Stemless wine glass (hand wash only)
  • 1 "walk in the woods" scented candle
  • 1 mini Halloween rubber duck
  • 3 crystals
  • 3 soaps
  • 1 necklace
  • 5 witchy stickers
  • 1 fuzzy keychain
  • 1 spell sachet of your choice

6 spooky felt buckets - $31
Each bucket contains:

  • 2 soaps
  • 1 mini Halloween rubber duck
  • 1 puff ball keychain
  • 1 spell sachet of your choice
  • 2-5 spooky witchy stickers
  • and choice of one of the following: weighted eye pillow (lavender or unscented), tarot necklace, or a "walk in the woods" scented candle.

Supplies of final items are limited and will be available first come first served. We have 3 candles, 1 unscented weighted eye pillow, 1 lavender weighted eye pillow, and plenty of tarot necklaces (card art limited). first orders get first choice and options here will be edited as things sell out.

Spell sachet choices are:
luck spell
self love spell
travel protection (to keep in your car or luggage)
personal protection (keep in your purse or pocket, has a strong scent)
calming lavendar 

(fabric patterns on sachets vary and will be selected at random. If you have allergy concerns, email for ingredient list. If you have strong aversions to certain colors, email when you place your order and we will do our best to work with you on the spell sachet fabric. KEEP SACHETS AWAY FROM PETS, some ingredients are toxic if ingested.)